The 19th GEIA Conference in Santiago | The Global Emissiones InitiAtive
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The Global Emissions Initiative and Accelerating Social Transformations

15-17 April 2020 – Santiago of Chile

GEIA’s 19th Conference will focus on these questions: How can emission research keep pace with and anticipate societal and technological change? Are we anticipating where big changes in technology and behavior are occurring and what are the implications for emissions?


The Conference will discuss advancing the scientific basis of emissions understanding and how this knowledge contributes to accelerating the societal transformations needed to address air quality and climate change.The 19th GEIA Conference will bring together the latest research on emissions, addressing energy and renewables, transportation, agriculture, natural sources, wildfires, waste and circular approaches (retrofitting, reusing, recycling), climate change and COP25, top-down and satellite-based approaches, and integrated inventories for multiple sectors.The conference will address efforts worldwide to mitigate pollutants and discuss the impacts of changing emissions on air quality and climate.


The Conference will highlight the activities of GEIA’s Working Groups and will solicit input from the community about GEIA’s path forward by involving experts from all over the world. The Conference will help identify the important contributions that the GEIA community can make to the 25th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 25) to the UNFCCC, expected to take place in december 2019 in Chile.

Important dates

Abstract submission




January 27 2020



March 27 2020


15th to 17th