The 19th GEIA Conference in Santiago | Practical information
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Practical information

Transportation from the Airport to Santiago

The Santiago airport is the Arturo Merino BenĂ­tez International Airport, popularly known as Pudahuel Airport.


Transfer time

The International Airport of Chile is 20 kilometers from the Center of Santiago, depending on the destination, the time and the type of transport they hire, they can reach your Hotel in 20 minutes or up to an hour and a half. There are different transfer services that connect the Airport with the city. Prefer official airport transport, as they have regulated rates and are reliable. Next we will tell you how to take the official taxis, vans and buses of the airport:



Taxis are the fastest transport from Santiago Airport to the city.It is best to hire official taxis that have fixed prices per destination, the rate they will pay before boarding – even with credit cards –
How much do taxis cost?
They can travel up to 3 people and depending on their final destination in Santiago they can cost between $15.000 and $28.000 pesos.




In Chile, Uber and Cabify applications for transport services are very popular (if you download them from these links, they will give you credit for your trips). However, we do not recommend that you use them at the airport as legal issues for their operation have not yet been resolved.





These minivans or minibuses – called Transfer – are a shared airport transport service for up to 7 passengers to nearby destinations. There are two lines of transfers: Transvip and Transfer Delfos. Depending on their final destination, each passenger will pay between $6.800 and $9.200 pesos. If there are more than 4 people, an exclusive transfer service could be offered, which depending on the destination can leave between $26.400 and $35.400 pesos in total.


Two bus lines serve the Airport: Centropuerto and Turbus



The cheapest transportation to go from Santiago Airport to the city is the buses that connect to the city’s west metro stations. The bus trip takes approximately 45 minutes, to which you must add the subsequent journey in the Transantiago. Although the buses have night services between midnight and 5 am, we do not recommend that they take it because the subway does not work at that time (from Monday to Saturday it opens at 6 am and closes at 11 pm, on Sundays from 8 am at 10:30 pm). In addition, the area where the terminals of the buses in the Alameda are not very safe at night. If you arrive at this time, opt for a transfer or a taxi.



It has departures from the airport to Santiago every day of the year.
How much?: $ 800 Chilean pesos round trip, $ 3,200 round trip (you can use the return up to 90 days later). You have to pay it directly to the driver if you take it at the airport. If you leave from the Terminal in Santiago you must pay at the ticket offices of Turbus.